Home is where the heart is, and at Shannon, we build with the kind of heart that makes a building a home. We’re known for our quality and integrity. Our multifamily projects span the spectrum from high-end urban residential apartment complexes to condominiums tucked neatly in suburban lifestyle developments, and we provide the kind of client service that will make you feel right at home.

It takes a skilled, conscientious, and meticulous builder to capture in construction all the intangible qualities that tell your guests that you care. And isn’t care what hospitality is all about? We have the experience and expertise to bring your vision to life and make your guests feel welcome. And with our focus on client service and reliability, we’ll make sure you’re cared for too.

Shannon tries to provide the best service to everyone but does not try to be all things to all people. We understand the unique requirements of retail. Time is money. Delayed projects eat into sales and profits. We understand that a grand opening cannot be postponed at the last minute because construction is behind schedule. We will have your store ready for business as promised.

The commercial market has served as the cornerstone of our company. Our rich portfolio of commercial work includes a wide variety of projects ranging from high-rise office buildings to retail destinations. We have built world-class corporate headquarters, and renovated interior office spaces, all with the utmost attention to quality and detail. Our commercial experience is exceptional, and our projects speak for themselves.

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Shannon Contracting is a leading boutique Construction Management and General Contracting firm, providing a full range of construction services to our clients for projects of varying scope, budget, schedule, and complexity. Located in Westchester NY, serving all of the Tri-State area. Our experience includes projects from various sectors including residential, commercial, retail, education, hospitality, hotels, restaurants, foods, healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Research Facilities, and churches.

We create sustainable solutions and aim to be a leader in quality of work, green construction, work safety, commitment to excellence, pride in design, assurance of best practices, and business ethics. We are well-known for our level of efficiency. We aim to maximize the construction concept while minimizing costs on every project. The longstanding relationships with our clients and design professionals have been the cornerstone to our success.

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